Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Hard Core Training Institute - Skill Training

The Insight

Hard Core Training Institute is a training institute involved in providing basic level skills to Air conditioning Technicians, Plumbers and Electricians. They provide certification course in these skill sets. The faculties are highly competitive and equipped and placement is 100% guaranteed.
They are in the business for last 10 years. They have branches in 3 major cities in India and plan to expand to 40 more cities in the next 10 years.
They have the capacity to impart training to 4000 youth per year i.e. 40 per batch, whereas the batches are running far below capacity. Their session starts every 45 days.
Target Audience
Boys / Men, Age – 18 and above, Primarily unemployed
Primary : School drop out / College drop out / ITI passed and failed, Engineering drop outs and completed (involuntarily unemployed)
Secondary:  Currently, working in petty jobs as helpers, auto drivers and other areas of work such as petty shops etc

The Problem Area

While unemployment is the major problem amongst middle and lower class Indian youth, there is huge demand for these technicians, plumbers and electricians in the Industry. Still, Hard Core Training Institute is running batches with ¼ of its capacity. They are able to get only 10-15 persons for each session. The task is to identify these youth and educate them about this Hard Core Training Institute.

Take the Challenge

How to Create awareness amongst the target segment about Hard Core Training Institute and their services?
What should be the content of communication and how to reach these youth?
How to develop Hard Core Training as a brand in the skill development category amongst students and industry?

How to attract youth towards the skilling program, make them enroll and be self-reliant?

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